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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

Hi Aussie Helpers!

I live on a cattle property 176km outside of Winton and we just had a visit from one of your lovely helpers, Max and Marg.

All around me I hear how this prolonged drought is the worst many current generations have ever seen. So you can imagine the hardships and hurdles that people on the land are facing everyday. We were lucky to get a bit of rain at the start of the year, although still being under our average rainfall it brought relief not only to us but to our stock! We are thankful for the relief but unfortunately are now back carting water and once again moving cattle to agistment.

A lot of the older country women before me always share these words, ‘you develop tough skin in the bush’ and they are not just referring to the harsh elements your body goes through but what you are able to stand against and to keep trying and to keep going and to keep your family positive that better times are not far away. I am 26yrs old with three kids under the age of 4. I couldn’t ask for a better lifestyle for my children to be brought up in and I wouldn’t change places with anyone.

So when you have a lovely couple turn up at your front door representing Aussie Helpers, appreciating your choice to keep the Aussie farming generation going, it is truly touching! Words don’t describe gratitude until you have truly felt it. So thank you for your support and the gifts and for making today one of the better days and for keeping the family positive!

All the best and wishing everyone a very wet Christmas!