Read below the wonderful letters we get every week at Aussie Helpers, from the wonderful hard working and very deserving farmers we assist.  Notice how grateful they are for the support they occasionally get, yet they are so reluctant to ask for help.

This is why our work is so important.

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We are grateful for all our DONATIONS. Thank You Everyone.

Brian Egan and the team horses

Dear Aussie Team,


Dear Brian and team. I understand that your mechanic came to our farm yesterday and serviced our truck. I just wanted to say a massive personal thank you. This has been on my husband’s mind for months, but we just couldn’t afford it. We met Brian at the Simpson Xmas Party in Sth West Vic where he gave us 2 safeway vouchers, my hubby and I stood there and cried. It’s been a torrid period. We have just sat down and discussed all the capital items we need to address urgently and there are no funds to do any of them. It’s soul destroying. I was even thinking about a gofundme page – but so many dairy farmers are in the same position it feels wrong. My hubby and I have just put in the only robotic dairy in the entire Western District of Victoria and although I’m proud we’re kind of pioneers and very innovative, I don’t know what the future holds for us anymore. Hubby opens up this robotic dairy to school groups, Dairy Australia and dairy discussion groups to inspire others – never charges anything. The overdraft never gets smaller, just extended. We have just given our 2 part time girls notice as we can’t afford them anymore. We are MG suppliers (contracted). I wanted to share a poem my 11yo wrote. This sums it up. I worry about my hubby’s mental health and I don’t know how he does this everyday. Anyway, people like you guys keep us going – we have faith in humanity I mean!.

Dear Aussie Helpers,

 Please accept this email as our letter of humble thanks for the hay  that Brian sent out to us, it was put to good use. We also would like to thank the organisation for the generator  that was purchased, to help pump water. Something that is a crisis here at present.

 Dams going dry, cattle drinking mud, by having this genset it will allow us to pump from a bore that we haven’t been able to use due to funds. Cattle will also thank you for having a nice clean drink.

 Thank you again in  helping us it is so greatly appreciated.

 One can only hope that it rains this year  so not only we can have a spell  from drought but yourselves as well.


Aussie Helpers donations distributed

Dear Brian & Nerida and all of the Aussie Helpers,

Today I had an unexpected visit . It was hours ago, and I’m still on the verge of tears. I’m not doing it as tough as some and like everyone I know, asking for help is hard. But I thank you form the bottom of my heart for the visit and for someone not forgetting us.

More than anything, the feeling of not being alone is so appreciated. The offer of hay is gold and being left with a delicious box of food goodies was so appreciated- including little luxuries that have really become luxuries such as Arnott biscuits and sweets as well as the staples and loo paper! Some times you don’t realise how tight you’ve had to pull the belt in until you realise you’re down to your last roll of loo paper!!

My husband, sons and I will all enjoy your generosity and thoughtfulness. And then there was the bag of fancies. Even a hair dryer! And lip balm and earrings. And all the rest. It was too sweet and every time I use my lovely new face washer I will rejoice in the spirit of Aussie Helpers and the generosity of all involved.

I truly thank you all

  Dear Brian and all your wonderful wonderful happy helpers

 From the bottom of my heart I would like to say a very very big thank you for your overwhelming generosity, thoughts, organisational ability, big smiles and fun that you bought to the Longreach district.

I have never experienced our fellow man in a better light where so many people have been involved to help those in very great need.  It is a shock to be on the receiving end when you are used to being on the other side but I can assure you it has made a huge difference to my spirit and to the lucky animals feasting on hay like they have never seen!

I admire you all and appreciate your terrific efforts.  It is simply fantastic to think that the bush is being held in respect and people care as so often we feel forgotten especially by governments who seem to ignore agriculture as a sustainable industry that could and should support  great job prospects for so many people.

Our last mob of cattle go this week and the first time ever we will be totally destocked, quite a horrific position to be in and quite eerie  …..  we still have 20,000 roos!

Thank you all for your fabulous contribution,

Best wishes to you and your great organisation


My son is enjoying his lovely new boots as the other had a hole right through them from a stick he  ‘picked up” while mustering on the motorbike, a great prickle trap!