I am sending this message on behalf of my parents.

They currently do not have access to email, and wanted me to let you know that they received some “care packages” today from some of your volunteers at Aussie Helpers. The packs included some ‘dry cow’ treatment, Coles and Fuel vouchers and a pamper pack for my Mum. They have also been told there is some hay on the way sometime next week which is just amazing and perfect timing.

They are incredibly grateful for your assistance, and are quite humbled by the experience. They asked me to send a special thanks to Max and Marg for all the hard work they do to get this to happen.

From me and my two adult sisters… another HUGE thank-you.

As typical proud, hard-working dairy farmers, Mum & Dad keep saying that they feel like they don’t deserve the help they have received. My Dad was embarrassed about accepting the food hamper that first arrived. They feel that there are probably people worse off than they are. But as I pointed out to Dad, there are also a lot of people out there who are MUCH better off than they are – who happily spend $5 or more on a cup of coffee, but who whinge and moan about paying more than $1/litre for their milk (enough for many cups of coffee).

My parents may not have young children to support any more like some of the farmers suffering at the moment, but they are spending their superannuation just to keep things afloat – meaning their eventual retirement will have fewer luxuries. Not that they will complain about that either….

So, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you…not only for your kindness and generosity, but also for your genuine understanding of what life in the country can be like during the hard times, and for knowing what “help” really is actually “helpful”. Xxx

Kindest regards,