Dear Brian & Nerida and all of the Aussie Helpers, Today I had an unexpected visit. It was hours ago, and I’m still on the verge of tears. I’m not doing it as tough as some and like everyone I know, asking for help is hard. But I thank you form the bottom of my heart for the visit and for someone not forgetting us. More than anything, the feeling of not being alone is so appreciated. The offer of hay is gold and being left with a delicious box of food goodies was so appreciated- including little luxuries that have really become luxuries such as Arnott biscuits and sweets as well as the staples and loo paper! Some times you don’t realise how tight you’ve had to pull the belt in until you realise you’re down to your last roll of loo paper!! My husband, sons and I will all enjoy your generosity and thoughtfulness. And then there was the bag of fancies. Even a hair dryer! And lip balm and earrings. And all the rest. It was too sweet and every time I use my lovely new face washer I will rejoice in the spirit of Aussie Helpers and the generosity of all involved. I truly thank you all