Dear Aussie Helpers,

A month ago Brian and Collin came to visit us offering donation loads of hay and boxes of groceries

We were overwhelmed by these generous donations from people who care for farmers, amazing!. The Hay has come in handy that’s for sure! The groceries were like xmas! Finding beautiful surprises.

Today we had a visit from Max and Margie bearing gifts of Dog Food and Cow flow paks and a very lovely

Lady farmer pack with a coles gift voucher. I was deeply moved by this. We have decided to leave the Dairy Industry and are in the process of selling all our dear cows. It was a hard descision, but the low disgusting price MG set would have sent us bank rupt. Hopefully selling the cows will get our debts paid and we can get on with something else. We hope to keep our farm, but the next year we’ll see.

So a huge thankyou to all your sponsors and Donors, they are true Aussie spirited people with big hearts!

Thankyou Aussie Helpers XXX