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A big thanks is due to the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys as their co-captain Matthew Scott has challenged their members and fans attending Friday night’s big game against the Broncos at 1300SMILES Stadium to show their support for drought-affected farmers in QLD and Aussie Helpers. Read More HERE.

You can donate to our Aussie Helpers now if you can’t make it to the game by clicking HERE.

Volunteers from the fantastic Townsville Castle Hill Lions Club will be at the stadium gates to collect donations for their National Drought Relief Project and Aussie Helpers.

“With no decent rain for three years, farmers in western Queensland are doing it tough and many are struggling to make ends meet,” Fiona Pelling, Cowboys general manager said.

“The country around Longreach and my home town of llfracombe is some of the worst-hit at present,” Matt Scott said.

“I know a lot of families out there and many of them are facing real hardship – I know that anything we can do to help will be greatly appreciated.”

Set up by the Lions Club of Townsville Castle Hill in 2013, the National Drought Relief Project has raised and distributed through Aussie Helpers over $752,000 to drought-stricken farmers throughout western Queensland and New South Wales.

Over the past two months Lions Clubs Australia and Aussie Helpers have spent over $60,000 in the region by locally purchasing vouchers to give to graziers, so that businesses in the area also benefit from the generosity of people through the Lions National Drought Relief Project.

Brian McAtee from the Lions Drought Relief Programme said they also donated $6,000 to the School of Distance Education to help parents offset the cost of getting their children to Mini-School.

“On top of this, 140 properties were visited and 1,500 round bales of hay, 100,000 litres of liquid stock feed and 20 pallets of lick and animal health products were distributed at six Hay Days to help save valuable breeding stock.

“Lions International have made available over $150,000 to Aussie Helpers for travel and accommodation costs to supply qualified psychologists to meet any graziers who are struggling with mental health issues.

“Aussie Helpers has been assisting rural Australians to overcome disasters for over 13 years – they have the knowledge and the volunteers on the ground to see that the funds and fodder are directed to those who need it most.”

Scott’s message to patrons coming along to Friday night’s anniversary match was for them to think about how tough it is for the families affected. “Just think what it would be like to have little or no income for two or three years and dig deep so that Lions and Aussie Helpers can keep up their great work.”

You can donate to our Aussie Helpers now if you can’t make it to the game by clicking HERE.

Aussie Helpers says thanks to Lions and their amazing supportive team.