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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

The drought in Queensland continues and Aussie Helpers uses its Buy a Bale campaign to recruit retired nurses and their partners and grey nomads who want to donate some time to assist struggling farming families.

Brian Egan, founder of Aussie Helpers said “the next step in this drought will be the mental health of the farmers, their families and local communities. I can say from personal experience, the effects of the drought will lead many to suffer depression and a number to commit suicide. The mental stress suffered by watching your stock die, your family’s livelihood and in some cases generations of family work fail is crushing”.

Aussie Helpers has been helping farming families since 2002 with a proven track record of assisting rural Queensland in need

Aussie Helpers are always looking for new volunteers to assist, particularly, retired nurses and grey nomads.

Aussie Helpers always try to visit struggling families in person as Mr Egan believes this is more effective than just a phone call.  If you have a few months to spare and can come bush with Aussie Helpers sometimes, and you have a passion for caring with some skills that will help farming families, then Aussie Helpers would love to hear from you.

Interested Volunteers can register by visiting our Volunteers page on this website here.

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