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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

Adventurers Richard Harris and his friend Phil Duncan love a challenge.

The pair have recently bought two Australia Post motorbikes, which they ultimately plan to ride through the Andes. But first they have decided to do a practice run from Dalby to Longreach, off bitumen on secondary roads all the way, to raise money for not for profit organisation Aussie Helpers.

Leaving in mid-August, the pair will head west from Dalby to Condamine, up through Miles and along the minor roads to Roma. They will take the back roads to Injune, and skirt along the Carnarvon Range, before heading for Tambo and Jericho and on to Longreach.

Rick and Phil will be doing the ride unsupported, camping along the way. Phil, who has a little gas BBQ on the back of his bike, will be in charge of the cooking, while Rick is responsible for motorcycle maintenance.

With a 105cc engine, the bikes have an engine capacity smaller than the average lawnmower. The 1245 kilometre trip is expected to take five days, travelling at an anticipated top speed of 60 kmh. In view of the long distances between petrol stations out there, Rick has upgraded the fuel tanks from 4.5 to 16 litres – enough to get them about 400 kilometres.

The ride will take the pair through some of Queensland’s most drought affected areas. Aussie Helpers was set up by Brian Egan in 2002 to deliver emotional and financial support to struggling farming families.
Adventurous spirited people are invited to make a donation via the Aussie Helpers website.

Please mark your donation to Rick and Phil’s Postie Ride.