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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

TAS “Voucher For A Farmer” (Gift Card)

Enter the amount you wish to "gift" to a farmer in Tasmania by entering an amount in the small white box (above) and clicking on the ADD TO CART blue button. Then simply checkout as normal by clicking on the blue VIEW CART button and completing the payment form on that page to make payment. If you would like to nominate a preference for your gift card (eg. a clothing shop, a supermarket, fuel, toy shop, chemist etc) then you will see a "comments" box on the CHECKOUT page and you can write in there your preference for the type of gift card you want donated.
100% of the donation made from THIS PAGE will go directly to a farming family in Tasmania Australia via a local township store gift card.
The purpose of the VOUCHER FOR A FARMER is for people to make a tax deductible ($2 or more) donation direct to a farmer in need, in the State of their choice. There are no admin fees deducted from the VOUCHER FOR A FARMER donations. Donations for each State are regularly tallied up and allocated to the relevant country town local shops to then be distributed to the local farmers who have sought financial relief from our volunteer teams. The goal of VOUCHER FOR A FARMER is to keep the money "in the towns" and to allow farmers in distress purchase the goods they need, when they need them. When we distribute goods (new and second hand) that people have kindly donated to Aussie Helpers for us to redistribute, it's not the same as buying new AND it is time consuming and costly to manage those distribution logistics across the Australian outback. Therefore when you donate via the VOUCHER FOR A FARMER program you can be assured that 100% of your donation will go to a farmer and his/her family in a unique and respectful way. There are no admin fees deducted from the VOUCHER FOR A FARMER donations. Aussie Helpers have been going for over 18 years and help farmers in various was including a large volunteer outreach program, and our support comes in many forms including emotional support, physical support and financial support.

We thank you for your donation today.

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