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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

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It has been reported in the media that Aussie Helpers is being investigated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Over recent months, concerns have been raised by government and the media as to how charities are distributing the proceeds of donated funds to drought affected farmers. According to the government, an estimated fifty million dollars of donated funds has not reached those it was intended for. As we posted recently, Aussie Helpers was not a beneficiary to any of those funds.

We took it upon ourselves to contact the ACNC on the 8 October to ensure we were following proper reporting processes. They replied confirming that “the charity is meeting its ongoing reporting obligations”.

The government first raised their concerns with the media on the 19 October and the ACNC contacted our office shortly after, wishing to make inquiries based on those concerns.

We gladly cooperated and welcomed ACNC representatives to our Charleville office on the 30 October where they were briefed on our operations and services, inspected our facilities, checked our administrative and governance processes. They also spoke to the CEO, directors, staff and volunteers. They made a few recommendations on how to make some functional improvements and we gladly accepted and acted on their feedback.

Aussie Helpers has always been transparent in its operations and we were glad the ACNC came to carry out their work and be briefed on what we do.

We would like to assure you as well as our donors, sponsors, suppliers, volunteers and most importantly, the farming families of Australia that we are not withholding funds and that we are acting in compliance with federal legislation and that of the states. We will gladly continue to assist the ACNC and any other statutory authority with any inquiries and most importantly, continue our work assisting farmers in need. Thank you for your continuing support.

Brian and Nerida Egan
Co-Founders of Aussie Helpers

BELOW is the $50 MILLION DOLLARS recently raised by generous supporters of our Aussie Farmers.
NONE of the below money went to Aussie Helpers.


NB: This press release was first published on Aussie Helpers Facebook page on 5 November 2018.