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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

As part of the commitment by Aussie Helpers to keep their donation data private and safe, all our recurring payment software was recently updated.

As a result of this software update our Paypal recurring donation subscriptions set up by donators on our website were cancelled.

They cannot be re-activated.

If you are one of those past donators (who set up a Paypal recurring payment) you past account set up will be cancelled within the next 30 days, if it hasn’t already been.

Therefore, we have now set up a NEW updated product registration product, which you can use on our website here from now on, simply click on this LINK to do so now or use the link hereunder:

We wish to assure all our kind donators that we place the security of your donation payment details at the highest of esteem. We have an SSL certificate on our website – as you will see in the URL of our website – you will see a GREEN LOCK on the domain address bar at the top of the browser you are viewing our website on right now.


We will never call you and ask for credit card details or anything like that – EVER. (Beware of scammers who may try this)

We would also never email you and ask for private credit card details or anything like that – EVER. (Beware of email scams that may try this)


We will be emailing ALL our Paypal subscribers over the next few days to advise them to the software being updated and a new set up being required by them to reactivate their recurring donation via Paypal: