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Aussie Helpers Charity
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Charleville QLD 4470

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The will to assist a worthy cause has given Brisbane Heat batsman Nathan Reardon a renewed reason to improve his fitness when the 2015-16 season wraps up.

Reardon generally spends his off-season pursuing his second passion in life after cricket, fishing, where he knows some of the finest spots in Queensland like the back of his hand. However instead of relaxing on the back of a boat once the summer wraps up, Reardon will be riding his bike, hitting the pavement and swimming laps in the pool as he trains for the Julia Creek triathlon.

Located near Mt Isa, around 17 hours northwest of Brisbane, Julia Creek is in the heartland of western Queensland and is amongst the worst parts of the state affected by drought.

Reardon will help use the triathlon as an opportunity to assist families who have been touched by drought by raising money for Aussie Helpers, a foundation and cause close to his heart.

Growing up in the rural area of Chinchilla, Reardon has seen first hand the effect that the drought has had on farmers and families in the region.

“I’ve got plenty of friends and family friends who have got property and are really struggling. I go up there every year in the off-season and it’s often hard to see, as it’s getting dryer and life is getting harder.

“People out there put their hearts and souls into their properties, and they’re so dependant on weather. When they don’t get it can be a massive struggle for them.

“With the amount of drought going on around the country, particularly western Queensland, I thought it would be a good opportunity to help raise some money for a great cause,” he said.

Aussie Helpers are a Charleville base organisation, assisting farmers and families in their time of need, and Reardo’s connection to western Queensland makes the triathlon an effort he is more than willing to go through if it can benefit others in the area.

“I’ve set myself the goal of raising $10,000 from the triathlon, which I think is very achievable and certainly for a worthy cause. Aussie Helpers don’t just take money donations, they help with the essentials like doing hay runs for people feeding cattle, or if families need sheets and pillows, or even things like providing toys for kids. They really just help out anyway they can,” Reardo tells us.

“Once the season finishes I usually like to get away from cricket and go fishing, but I’ll need to keep myself pretty fit for about a month after we wrap up. If I can help in anyway then I’m more than happy to do it.”

Head to the Aussie Helpers website to contribute to Reardo’s fundraising effort.