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And HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the SUNRISE TEAM for covering our worthy charity yesterday, by the Sunrise Team Kochie & Sam – interviewing Dick Smith (of Dick Smith Foods) & Brian Egan (founder of Aussie Helpers) about Dick’s recent $1 Million dollar donation to Aussie Helpers.

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Dick said after visiting Longreach QLD and watching The Australian Story show about Brian & Aussie Helpers – he knew where the money raised by Dick Smith Foods had to go this year – it had all go to our much needy farmers.

Remember, with Aussie Helpers, except for one office admin wage, ALL the monies donated to Aussie Helpers goes to the farmers and the expenses to get the support they need out to them. The money donated to Aussie Helpers doesn’t get paid to Brian or Nerida or the amazing beautiful volunteers (over 40 volunteers now) who so selflessly donate their time to run the day to day needs of the charity (and never has) – how many charities do you know like this!  Look around, there are barely any. Many big charities now swallow up 50% of their donations on running the charity!

In 2002, after Brian lost his farm and became distressed, his doctor said “go help others, it will help you heal” – and Brian did just that – it was NEVER about money – it was always about giving back, helping and protecting other families from the tough times that Brian and his family had to endure. Brian’s full story can be read on this website – go see HERE.

You can watch the full interview on video OVER HERE.

Brian told Kochie the money will now be allocated to counselling for farmers – on their property – so they don’t have the embarrassment of telling their one local town doctor they aren’t coping. Now they can get emotional support in their homes, the privacy the really need in order to accept the help.


Brian said the money will also go towards providing hay (livestock food) for animals that are on the brink of dying on the land where they stand, withered away to skin and bones, dying a slow and painful death. We don’t want that for our animals, and I’m sure you don’t either. These are the things that keep Aussie Helpers going and growing. Watching a poor defenceless animal slowly die will motivate you to do something if you can too.

Keeping the breeding stock alive ensures there will be a stock next year for when the rain does come and this is paramount for the survival of Australian food supplies and economical recovery for all Aussies.

BUY Dicks_new_book_Balls_Pyramid_by_Dick_Smith_on_SUNRISE_2015

ABOVE: DICK SMITH showing his new book BALLS PYRAMID $39.95

You can BUY Dicks new book Balls Pyramid HERE which is a ripping yarn of drama, danger and persistence. A tale of a playboy boat owner, an eccentric expedition doctor who kick-started Dick’s first successful business, the ‘extinct’ stick insect and gripping accounts and photos by the world’s best mountaineers. It’s also a love story, inspired by the honeymooners that Dick and fellow Scouts witnessed on nearby Lord Howe Island. Balls Pyramid details Dick’s battle to keep a special dream alive as bureaucrats moved in to ban climbing the stupendous spire. SOURCE OF EXTRACT

Aussie Helpers Cookbook for charity for Australian farmers

PLEASE REMEMBER: we also have a fabulous cookbook you can purchase at our SHOP on our website just for $30. Celebrities around Australia chipped in their special Aussie recipies for us to publish in the Aussie Helpers Cookbook!  Grab one while they are in stock!



ABOVE: Another VIP at the $1 Million Dollar handover event!!

Don’t forget, our work doesn’t end with a $1 Million Dollar donation.

We need funds to keep coming in so we can continue our work. Just like Dick Smith saw the value and integrity of our charity we want to give you that confidence that all your donations to our charity are going to farmers and their needs. So please donate something, if you can, our farmers thank you.

Merry Christmas everyone,

from SAM for the