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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

Our programs & campaigns

Voucher for a Farmer

100% of an Aussie Helpers’ voucher goes directly to a farmer in need of financial relief. Vouchers can be used to buy essential food, clothing, fuel and medication, as well as clothes and toys for their families when times are tough. Vouchers also help our farming communities, by supporting local businesses.  To help an Aussie farmer and their family in need with a voucher, donate now.

Aussie Helpers Feed a Farmer

When farmers are focused on feeding their stock, Aussie Helpers is focused on feeding our farmers. With the generous donations we receive, we prepare $100 produce boxes to help feed Aussie farming families in need. To feed a farmer, donate now and let us know that you want to return the favour to one of our Aussie farmers.

Ahvise Educational Program

Ahvise is the only program of its kind in Australia and provides farming kids living in remote locations with at-home in-person and virtual tutoring. Our volunteer teachers and tutors are in high demand so please get in touch if you are a qualified teacher or tutor wishing to help Aussie farming kids.

Aussie Bush Farming Kids

It is such a pleasure to see farmers fulfil their dream of building a happy and healthy future for their families on the land. Sometimes, the reality is incredibly tough. With rising costs and poor seasons there often isn’t enough money to buy something as simple and essential as a computer to help with the kids’ education. Aussie Helpers helps Aussie farming kids with special donations, specifically for their needs, whether that is school fees, computer costs, books, travel and more. To help Aussie farming kids in need, donate now and let us know you want to help our farming future.

Aussie Farmers Family Support

Aussie Helpers is working hard to help families by providing confidential emotional support. Mostly, we are a pair of completely impartial ears on the other end of the phone or a warm hug or a hand to hold when we visit families in need. We understand the difficulties Australian farming families face and the importance of supporting their mental health and wellbeing.