Matters to Us


1. Download and read one of the two documents above about our Fundraising Guidelines.
2. Complete our “Fundraising Enquiry” Form by CLICKING HERE to download, print and send to us. Once we receive your enquiry form, we will check it over and contact you to confirm you have our endorsement for your fundraising efforts. We are so appreciative of all our fundraisers over the years, and we couldn’t do what we do without them!

Thank you for considering fundraising for our worthy cause. People fundraise for us in many different ways, some hold raffles, or special events. Some might donate a percentage of the profits of one of your popular products. Fundraising for Aussie Helpers must be in cash and you are NOT permitted to create any official or unofficial social media accounts (like a Facebook Page) OR website addresses using the words “Aussie Helpers” or indicating on those sites that your cause is for Aussie Helpers without getting prior “written” approval from us to do so.

For a general overview of our Fundraising guidelines then CLICK HERE to download and read our Fundraising Brochure now. Most fundraisers only need this document.

If you want our detailed legal Fundraising Matters document then CLICK HERE to download and read now.

We would love to hear from you after you have downloaded and read one of the above two documents. If you still have questions, or need more information and help, just call us at our office during business hours and we will do everything possible to assist you.


Brian & Nerida Egan

Aussie Helpers Co-Founders