16 Nov

Man Bequeaths $3 million House in Russell Lea to Five Charities- Aussie Helpers is one of them

THE MYSTERY donor bought the house 30 years ago for just $185,000. When he died he made an extraordinary decision. A MYSTERY donor with a fondness for dogs has left his waterfront property valued at $3 million to five lucky charities. The former engineer bequeathed his Russell Lea home of nearly 30 years as he had no immediate family, except for one distant relative. While the name of one charity set to be a beneficiary of the sale, Aussie Helpers, can be revealed,...

27 Sep

Thank You Axis Tyres Wodonga & BKT Tyres

Aussie Helpers would like to thank Axis Tyres Wodonga & BKT Tyres  for their fantastic fundraising efforts for our struggling Aussie farmers. They raised over five thousand dollars to help Aussie Helpers continue our very important work with Australian Farming families. With out such incredible support from businesses like Axis Tyres Wodonga & BKT Tyres  we could not continue to do what we do. Thank you Axis Tyres Wodonga & BKT Tyres  !   ...

05 Apr

Aussie Helpers Press Release 5th April 2017-Cyclone Debbie Assistance

$100,000 RELIEF FROM AUSSIE HELPERS FOR CYCLONE DEBBIE VICTIMS        Aussie  Helpers,  Australia’s  leading  rural  charity,  today  announced  that  it  would   be  assisting  primary  producers  in  areas  north  of  Marlborough  in  Central   Queensland,  specifically  Saint  Lawrence,  Lotus  Creek  and  Clarke  Creek.   The  decision  was  made  to  help  these  areas  as  they  have  not  been  mentioned  in   most  media  reports.  Aussie  Helpers’  assistance  will  ensure  communities  who  would  not  otherwise  be   aided  will  be  able  to...

30 Jan


Watch Lisa with her special surprise announcement to Brian & Nerida from ‘Aussie Helpers’ that they are her chosen charity, for “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here” LIKE ‘AUSSIE HELPERS’ Facebook page. LIKE “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here” Facebook page. Vote to save Lisa , every sms goes to ‘Aussie Helpers Charity’ Vote on “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here” Facebook page to see Lisa participate in the Tucker Trials! Let’s Give A Buck! #ImACelebrityAU @ImACelebrityAU

19 Oct

Aussie Helpers 1000 + Hampers for Christmas

Click below to hear Brian Egan , Founder of Aussie Helpers talk To Debbie Parsons about why we are collecting hampers for our farmers and what Aussie Helpers do. From figures supplied by the VFF there are 4200 registered dairy farmers in Victoria alone. They estimate that just on 50% of them are currently facing financial hardship and ruin due to the current and ongoing Dairy Crisis. The Western Region of Victoria has approx. 70% of...

31 Aug

MEDIA: ABC NEWS – 31/8/16 Brian Egan & Macca discuss up to 75% drop in revenue, lack of government support

ALL OVER AUSTRALIA radio show by Macca Sunday mornings on the radio with Macca, with his show speaking to Aussies at home and around the world. In this audio interview (play button below) Brian Egan, founder of Aussie Helpers, and Macca (ABC Radio) the topic of terrible distress our Aussie farmers are continuing to endure, with never ending weather instability issues, lack of government support and overall dire mental health issues so many farmers are suffering with – some farmers now earning...