Radio Interviews

09 Feb

MEDIA: Alan Jones interview with Brian Egan Aussie Helpers – QLD Flooding Disaster 2019

In this interview Alan Jones talks to Brian Egan from Aussie Helpers about the recent mass flooding in Queensland areas and how it is affecting our farmers, some of whom have gone from inability to give their stock water, to flooding washing them off the farm completely. Listen now by clicking on the media file below:   SOURCE: ...

08 Jun

Aussie Helpers Virtual Psychologist given $1m for innovative SMS psychological access

Aussie Helpers Virtual Psychologist given $1m for innovative SMS psychological access. Queensland Country Life-Sally Cripps @sallyQCL 6 Jun 2018, 5 a.m. Faced with a suicide rate twice as high in rural Australia as other parts of the country, governments have long grappled with the challenge of how best to deliver psychological counselling services in country areas. Photo – Sally Cripps. After a concerted effort over a number of months, and in the face of increasing desperation by landholders facing relentless drought, the federal government has...

01 Dec

MEDIA: 28/11/17 Alan Jones Interview with Brian Egan (co-founder of Aussie Helpers) VIDEO

Alan Jones and Peta Credlin talk with Brian Egan of Aussie Helpers about the plight of farmers more than 6 years living with drought, and the toll it is taking on their livestock and their families.       IMAGES SUPPLIED BY AUSSIE HELPERS (c) 2017 SOURCE OF AUDIO: ...

02 Feb

MEDIA: JAN/29 ABC Radio (Macca) All Over Australia Interview of Brian Egan

Brian Egan, Aussie Helpers Founder, talks to Macca about the ongoing Milk Farmers situation, and how Aussie Helpers distribute their donations to reach and help as many farmers around Australia, in as many ways as possible > food > counselling > animal feed > family hampers > and more. Listen to the interview below, Brian starts talking to Macca at 26min. SOURCE: ABC RADIO   ...

31 Aug

MEDIA: ABC NEWS – 31/8/16 Brian Egan & Macca discuss up to 75% drop in revenue, lack of government support

ALL OVER AUSTRALIA radio show by Macca Sunday mornings on the radio with Macca, with his show speaking to Aussies at home and around the world. In this audio interview (play button below) Brian Egan, founder of Aussie Helpers, and Macca (ABC Radio) the topic of terrible distress our Aussie farmers are continuing to endure, with never ending weather instability issues, lack of government support and overall dire mental health issues so many farmers are suffering with – some farmers now earning...

03 Mar

Dick Smith and Ian MacNamara ( Macca )fly in to visit Aussie Helpers in Charleville.

Dick Smith and Ian MacNamara ( Macca )fly in to visit Aussie Helpers in Charleville.   On the first day of March Dick Smith and Macca from Australia all Over flew into Charleville from Sydney enroute to Mornington Island. Dick Smith Foods donated one million dollars to Aussie Helpers last December and Dick decided to stop over in Charleville and have lunch with Brian and Nerida Egan, founders of Aussie Helpers, and to meet some of the volunteers who freely give their...

Ben Fordham 2GB and Brian Egan of Aussie Helpers
22 May


Another confronting interview by Ben Fordham of Brian Egan, Aussie Helpers founder, where Brian explains the ongoing devastation our farmers are suffering under this neverending drought. Although rain has come occasionally, the farmers crops and livestock are not recovering, and farmers are still having to pack up and leave everything in order to keep alive. Ben agrees to make it his mission to get the Prime Minister to meet with Brian so Brian can tell the PM first hand, rather than...