31 Aug

MEDIA: ABC NEWS – 31/8/16 Brian Egan & Macca discuss up to 75% drop in revenue, lack of government support

ALL OVER AUSTRALIA radio show by Macca Sunday mornings on the radio with Macca, with his show speaking to Aussies at home and around the world. In this audio interview (play button below) Brian Egan, founder of Aussie Helpers, and Macca (ABC Radio) the topic of terrible distress our Aussie farmers are continuing to endure, with never ending weather instability issues, lack of government support and overall dire mental health issues so many farmers are suffering with – some farmers now earning...

brian egan tasmanian farmers media ABC
09 Aug

MEDIA 8/8/16: ABC News Brian Egan seeks More Money for relief of the Tasmanian Farmers in distress

From the original article by Rose Grant of ABC News: Aussie Helpers founder Brian Egan seeks more money for Tassie farmers CLICK HERE TO VISIT ABC News and listen to Brian Egan speaking with ABC about the dire situation of Tasmanian Farmers: AUDIO LINK HERE COMMENTS BY BRIAN Brian stated to the ABC NEWS as follows: “There doesn’t seem to be any answers coming for anyone,”  “Milk prices are shocking. “We’ve probably spent about $100,000 on feed so far, and it really hasn’t touched the sides.” Brian...

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01 Jul

MEDIA: ABC 30/6/16 Brian Egan from Aussie Helpers meet with Tasmanian farmers at Mole Creek after flooding

Caveside diary farmer, Kelvin Howe, from Mole Creek Tasmania, met with Brian Egan from Aussie Helpers. Interviews by Rose Grant from ABC Rural. To listen, click on the link below and you will find the player on the ABC website. AUDIO: Aussie Helpers’ and farmers at Mole Creek (ABC Rural) “In our area, I’d say the big problem is going to come in August, September, when it’s muddy, it’s wet” Mr Howe said “People are up, calving cows, they’ve been without much money for...

15 Feb

MEDIA: ABC NEWS Video 15/02/16 Report on weather outback featuring Brian Egan

ABC News were back to report on some weather improvement outback for a local just outside of Charlton Towers, where a year ago it was almost destitute. But now, the weather has been kind to him, and he is cautiously watching his land become greener in the hope of getting more stock back on the land again. Learn more about Aussie Helpers and our team by clicking HERE.   AUSSIE HELPERS TEAM ...

ABC NEWS for Aussie Helpers Charity interview
05 Feb

MEDIA: ABC NEWS 4/02/16 Brian & Nerida Egan Interview about their Aussie Helpers Journey

For over 14 years now Brian & Nerida (founders of Aussie Helpers) have worked tirelessly to set up and run Aussie Helpers charity to support farmers in hardship, and armed with their dedicated hard working volunteers, they have been successful at their goal. Brian & Nerida Egan in the Aussie Helpers storeroom In this video by ABC News, Brendan Mounter reports on the Aussie Farmers Charity, and how we are still making a difference out there today. Brian Egan...

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25 Jan

MEDIA: ABC NEWS – Meet Nerida & Brian Egan of Aussie Helpers Farming Charity, a story of work & reward

This story was on ABC – you can read it in full by CLICKING HERE. Brian & Nerida tell their story to Brendan Mounter of ABC, of how they worked hard after Brian suffered terrible health issues when he ran a farm many years ago. His wife Nerida has been there all the way, and with the support of hard working volunteers, generous sponsors and the ever-giving Aussie public, Aussie Helpers has become what it is...

carley_and_nic_walker_longreach_farmers_ and Aussie Helpers with 7.30 Report
11 Apr


With no decent rain for three years, farmers in western Queensland have struggled to make ends meet. Now many are selling up and moving out. The 7:30 Report did a special segment on the effect of our devastating drought in Queensland, and in particular Longreach farmers. In this segment David Lewis interviews a few local farmers including Carley & Nic Walker who have a farm just outside Longreach where they live with their beautiful children and have now made the hard decision to sell...