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Aussie Helpers Charity
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Charleville QLD 4470

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Congratulations to the “We’re for the Bush” (#forthebush) Fundraising Appeal for farmers support in NSW raising over $800,000* in their NSW drought appeal. We do not know how long this appeal is running, but we wish them all the best with their efforts and commend them for their ability to deliver the money raised to farmers in need.

We are always supportive of other ethical charities that help our farmers like we do.  We often get calls from other organisations who raise money for “a cause” asking us “How do we get these donations to the farmers in need”, and we always do our best to help them of course.

But don’t forget we are not a “one-drive” cause, Aussie Helpers has been around for 12 years, well before the drought and will be here for many more years to come. 

We also receive no government support or funding of any kind and this leaves us solely at the peril of donations by kind people like you, our volunteers are unpaid and we have little or no management fees and charges because we do what we do by choice.  We dedicate our lives to our farmers in hardship in the most altruistic way.

For example “We’re For the Bush” has raised $800,00 for their cause, and we have only raised $360,000 so far this year.  

For our donation page go to AUSSIE HELPERS DONATION PAGE HERE.

For the Bush appeal go HERE

If you want to help us do what we have been doing for 12 years and will continue to do for many more, we’d love to hear from you, and thank you for your support of our worthy cause, Aussie Farmers.

Brian & Nerida Egan

*This figure was announced on their TV promotion on Today Show (today)