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Caveside diary farmer, Kelvin Howe, from Mole Creek Tasmania, met with Brian Egan from Aussie Helpers. Interviews by Rose Grant from ABC Rural.

To listen, click on the link below and you will find the player on the ABC website.

“In our area, I’d say the big problem is going to come in August, September, when it’s muddy, it’s wet” Mr Howe said

“People are up, calving cows, they’ve been without much money for about two months.”

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“We’re going to be short of feed, short of silage, short of hay.”

“And we’re still going to be about two and a half months from a good cheque.”

It is six weeks since Murray Goulburn and Fonterra shocked the Australian dairy industry with retrospective milk price cuts and the Tasmanian farmers are still recovering from the recent floods.

(IMAGE SOURCE ABOVE with Brian Egan and the Mole Creek farmers)