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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

Dear Supporters of Aussie Helpers and the Farmers that feed us,

This current drought which is the worst in 120 years has taken its toll on the charities finances….
The drought is crippling many parts of both NSW and Queensland and farmers are in dire straits with many families now living in third world conditions and by that I mean having to rely on charities such as Aussie Helpers to exist.

To say that I am ashamed of the way that our farmers have and are being treated by the governments of Queensland, New South Wales and the Federal Government is an understatement.

Federal politicians have spent more time, money and effort along with the major television networks in pleading for two convicted drug criminals in Indonesia and whilst I am not in favour of the death penalty these two chose the path they took to gain from other people’s misery. Television networks will not show the devastation being caused by this drought so many people in the cities do not realise what is happening in their own backyard
I have never seen the bush so poor with small town businesses closing as farmers do not have any income so there is no business therefore people who work in small towns are losing their jobs and unfortunately they never come back leaving the areas without skilled labour in many fields.

I am asking for your wonderful support so that we can help keep farming families on their farms doing what they do best, growing the best food on this planet.

Please help us, foreign ownership of our farms has already begun, don’t wait until it’s too late and the bush is forced to hang a sign saying
“Gone broke and won’t be back”
or call 1300 665 232

Brian Egan
2008 Qld Senior Australian of the Year
13 March 2015