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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

 Aussie Helpers Financial Report

Let’s answer some questions that people have been asking over the last couple of weeks.
Admin costs-
YES we have them, one full time staff member and one part timer, we do occasionally employee help on a casual basis.
Are our Board of Directors paid- NO and the founders of Aussie Helpers have never received any form of payment… this has been their passion to look after others, not monetary gain.
Transport and accomodation costs-
YES we have them, these are costs incurred when freighting hay, food, water etc to our farmers and looking after our volunteers while they are out on the road for us.
YES we have some, we have warehouses and depots in multiple states, we also have vehicles that are used by our 40 plus volunteers and loading equipment for our depots and since 2018 we now have a national headquarters in Charleville Qld after running Aussie Helpers from Brian and Nerida’s home for the last 16 years.
Office and Admin costs-
Yes – this covers all the things associated with running our offices- phones- we have a 1300 number so farmers can contact us that is free of charge to them. Postage- all those receipts, brochures, stickers, fundraising material and info that you ask for it all costs money to send them to you. We also get power bills just like everyone else.
Other expenses-
Yes – this is another section for our farmer assistance, this covers anything from fixing a tractor, mending a fence, buying a milk heater or paying a power bill to buying fuel and food vouchers for our Farmers.
Cash in the bank-
Yes we do! We need to this to fund our ongoing programs of Virtual Psychologist which is a free counselling service for our farming families experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and domestic violence. We also fund AHVISE, a program for our remote and rural farming families who need help in their remote school rooms.
Now we can get back to doing what we are here to do and that’s to continue helping as many struggling farmers as we can!