Farming families often live in remote areas with little or no emotional support, and sometimes life can be very difficult for everyone.

At Aussie Helpers we are aware of this problem, and we are working hard trying to help families who are under extreme pressure, and no longer coping well.

When a family has real stress, and lack of support, there can be dire outcomes, things that can be avoided if people in these situations can identify and seek help with.

Support for farming families is not just food or clothes, it can be someone to talk through your options with, in private, in an unofficial way, and that’s what our team do when the visit families who are suffering.

The benefit of reaching out to Aussie Helpers support is that we have helped many families just like yours previously, so we know what you are going through, and we can show you what other family members in your situation have done in order to turn things around.

Give us a call and let’s work out how to turn things around for you before things become unbearable.

Warning… This is a true story from a farmers wife.
Should you need help. 

But please don’t hold back,
you are all very special people.