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Aussie Helpers Charity
PO Box 405
Charleville QLD 4470

1300 665 232

AHVise Remote Kids Educational Support Program

AHVISE is an educational volunteer organisation comprising of a dedicated team of volunteers from all around Australia, who enjoy to give to others.
We support rural and remote outback families who are looking for help in their remote school rooms. These include families, mothers and fathers, who teach their own children at home due to their geographic isolation.

We connect farming kids with retired teachers and tutors to assist them in their education.

To support us run this unique and quality educational program, please donate. Your donation will go towards the running costs of the program, and the administrative costs to run this program including our two part time staff (who answer calls 7 days a week from volunteers on the road) between 12pm to 2pm, and we also reimburse volunteer travel costs.

**If you are interested in corporate sponsorship of this program please contact us.

100% of the donation made from THIS PAGE will go directly to the AHVISE program to help kids on remote farming properties get personal tutoring by a highly qualified teacher or tutor.


Enter the amount you wish to donate below and you will be linked with our shop page. We’ll ensure your money goes to supporting Aussie farming kids in their at home classrooms and connecting them with reured teachers and tutors.

AHVISE is a 100% volunteer charity. This means that the AHVISE registered tutors are not paid for their time, however, Aussie Helpers Charity (who founded and run the AHVISE program) provide Volunteers with up to $1,500 travel reimbursements in order to provide the tutoring to families.

The AHVISE Volunteers consist mostly of retired teachers, but also others with people with appropriate experience who would like to spend time helping isolated students with their education and learning in general.

Students may have specific needs, such as reading and mathematics; or perhaps behavioural issues where the parents may be having difficulty relating to their own children; or where students are studying at secondary level. Secondary teachers mainly work with upper primary students who are soon to make the transition to boarding or secondary school.

If you would like to read more about our AHVISE program, please visit our AHVISE website.