Aussie Helpers visiting farming families.

No one wants to admit things are tough, and farmers are some of the proudest people in Australia.  But sometimes they need our help, especially before it’s too late.  Aussie Helpers stays in touch with 100’s of farming families to ensure their well being and survival through good and bad times.

I encourage you to be part of this effort either with a donation, fundraising or general support, all is always welcome at Aussie Helpers.  We only survive because of the kind generosity of the public’s donations and our kind sponsors.

We like to think that supporting our hard working farmers is a privilege, although it can be challenging, it never stops being rewarding, seeing people smile again, it makes our job worthwhile and inspiring.  Although we don’t sell pods, as they are strictly for Suplabase, we do provide support to farmers with other necessities like hay, farming supplies and other services. Why not get involved in our cause, fundraising, volunteering or joining in our conversations on Facebook, we’d love to see you there.

Brian Egan is the co-founder of the Aussie Helpers Charity. He is respected and revered as one of Australia’s greatest unsung heros fighting to save our farmers from loss and heartache by dedicating his own life to their sanity and support 24/7, all year round.

Nerida has been now working on Aussie Helpers with Brian for 17 years, never receiving a penny for their time, because it was never about the money.  It was about compassion and caring.

In 2010 Nerida was nominated for the Who’s Who of Australian Courageous Women and she continues to inspire women around Australia with her tireless work and incredible ability to support farming families during their difficult.

Nerida pioneered the “Pamper Packs” for the farming women who often went without these simple luxuries because of the remote location and high demands of working on the land often while raising a family.

You can hear from Nerida herself on the Australian Story TV episode where she speaks of her perspective raising a family on the land, and the growth of Aussie Helpers.


Aussie Helpers has many volunteers and a small office team headed up by Sam and Tash.

Sam has dedicated her life to the Aussie Helpers cause since conception over 17 years ago, and continues to do so. Sam helps organise fundraisers and other crucial support to farmers.

Tash takes care of the front desk and inbound calls and liaises with sponsors and volunteers to keep the charity running efficiently.

Sometimes people just want someone to talk to and Sam and Tash are their first contact with Aussie Helpers.  They listen to their story and follow up with any assistance they need.