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Information regarding a day in the life of a Dairy Farmer couple milking around 200 cows supplying Fonterra or Murray Goulburn processors
Day starts round 4 am with the couple walking in their cows which could be up to two kilometres away from the dairy
Milking takes about two hours and when finished the dairy has to be washed out and cleaned and by now the time will be around 9 am and the couple will have a light breakfast and then back into farm work like checking on their cows, watering, feeding and more and by around one pm the couple will knock off for a couple of hours for lunch and household chores and book work
Back on the job around 4 pm bring in the cows for afternoon milking and it will be around eight pm before this couple have finished for the day and this is every day of the year
When calving is occurring which is usually three months of the year the days stretch out to eighteen hours per day
Family pressures are immense as the couple are rarely away from the farm and this causes health issues due to constant overwork which causes emotional issues and the couple also have the health issues and well-being of their cows
If this couples 200 cows produce six thousand litres of milk per day they receive approximately thirty cents per litre from the milk processors. This is approximately $1,800 per day which sounds fantastic however the truth comes next
DAILY deductions from the milk processors are
Milk Tanker stopping at the farm $7.50
Tanker pick up 2.5 cents per litre (6,000 litres @2.5c = $150
Australia Dairy levy $12.50
Dairy Victoria levy 2.75
Animal Health levy .25
Totaling $173.00
Netting $1,627
Still sounds good?
Unfortunately the couple’s production costs are approximately 40c per litre and this is approximately 10c per litre LESS than the milk processor pays so the couple are losing approximately $700 per day